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In today’s information-based economy, the value of organization is often derived from the data it has as opposed to its property assets. Data assets has utility, evidentiary, archival and fiscal values. As data is a useful business tools, it needs to be delivered safely and timely to the user.

Therefore, the protection of data through an efficient Enterprise Data Management (EDM), proper Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution, adequate data security and proficient Business Continuity strategy has become vital to all organizations.

On communication, Unified Social Communication is a new era for communication nowadays. Organizations are moving into the technology of communication with the latest requirement to get closer with their company and customer. With the opportunity to venture on the open source commercial solution, together with the unified social communication and collaboration suite, we are not behind to offer the required services.

Vision & Mission

To be a leader in providing Total Data Management Solution in Government Sector

To be a trusted Advisor to Customer

To be an official Adivisor and Consultant to Malaysian Government in areas related to Data Management Solution

To be a One-Point Reference for Disaster Recovery, Data Management & Backup and Restore environment

To maintain high level of customer satisfaction

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